Forgot Something? Forgot Everything?

This post was not meant to start like this. It was supposed to have a brilliant opener, and an even more impressive second line, leading seamlessly into a paragraph full of insight and wit. The topic was fascinating, and I knew it would be received quite rapturously by readers around the interwebs.

There was just one small problem when I came to write it down. I couldn't remember the damn thing at all.

I think of memory as being like a virtual computer, in which each piece of information is an individual file. But it's a faulty computer, because time and time again, files that I know are in there are suddenly inaccessible.

So why is my virtual computer so faulty? Do I have early onset dementia? Or is my level of forgetfulness completely normal?

Twice in as many months, I have driven right past my exit going to work. I'm daydreaming, mind elsewhere and all of a sudden I realize that something is just, well, wrong. It takes me about 10 seconds to figure it out, mutter "oh sugar!" to myself and the empty car and then quickly scoot over two lanes to hopefully make the next exit in time. It happens to everyone from time to time....doesn't it? forgetfulness was ramped up to an all new level last night.

I had a long (sort of stressful) day at work followed by a complete physical at 6 pm. I left my appointment sometime after 7 pm. 

My stomach grumbled at me..."So hungry"

At this point the thought of a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheesburger with extra pickles and a side of fries seemed very appealing so on my way home I cruised through the drive-thru and ordered said burger and fires. I pulled up to the second window, a smile on my face at the thought of consuming said burger and paid the nice lady. I then...promptly drove away....without my burger and fries! 

I was too embarrassed to go back.

At this point I should have cut my losses and just gone home but Noooo..."I'll stop at Dynamite and have a peek at the new spring dresses that just came in to make myself feel better about being all forgetful" I think to myself. I arrive at Dynamite, choose a few things to try on and proceed to spend the next 10 minutes ogling myself in the change room mirrors (which I'm convinced are circus mirrors). I decide that nothing really suits my fancy and I leave. I get into my car and with horror realize that upon removing Dynamite's clothing that I was not going to purchase, I somehow never remembered to put my dress back on!! That's right...I left with my tights, my boots, my bra and my jacket(which is long and comes to my knees - not that I am using this as an excuse but the jacket had been giving me the stink eye all day).


I really love that dress. It was the first time I'd worn it. It's all purpley and pretty. I need it back. 

I walk back into the store, head down, frown on my face and let the girl know what I had forgotten. She smirks, I get my dress and go home.

I'm pretty sure though that it's probaly not dementia, I did just have my physical and learned that I'm actually pretty healthy so I'm sure my prognosis is good.

Sadly for you, though, the prognosis is far less positive. You didn't get the brilliant article about the genius idea. You simply got a substitute post about memory. 
But not to worry. If you weren't concentrating, you probably will have forgotten this by tomorrow.


  1. That dress story is classic and you have to tell it at the next party you wear it at.

  2. That is too funny! I hate when I forget things!

  3. Oh my GOSH!!! I need to apologize for how hard I'm laughing at your dress story. That is SO awesome.

  4. steve is still awake and down the hallway and he just asked "what's that sound you just made?!" (because of my laughter) i told him i reading this awesome girl's blog. ummm, you are hilarious and awesome. i LOVE that you went back for your beloved dress! and i sooo would have not gone back for my jr. bacon cheeseburger and fries too. but i would have cried. LOL.
    i hope your friday is a good one. and i hope you get that burger with extra pickles!

    1. Tell Steve I said "Hello eh" Glad I could make you chuckle. I must admit, Adam and I had a good crack up about it. Tonight is Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger night!

  5. Thank you for really making me laugh out loud today!! I'm glad you got your dress back :) And I say next time, buy yourself a second burger with pickles to make up for it!

  6. I confess, I have also driven away without my food and didn't go back for it. I went to Wendy's instead and bought another burger. And I haven't forgotten to put my clothes back on, but the last time I tried on clothes I did forget my purse in the changing room, so I had to go back into the changing room to retrieve it so I could buy the clothes. I know the sales girls were laughing at me. :)

    So...whatever you have, I have it too.

  7. this made me literally LOL, I developed a stutter after Lola was born. I am pretty sure it is a combination of exhaustion, only talking to toddlers and winter. I did a juice cleanse as it is supposed to help with these things. Not sure if it did. I at least stopped stuttering...for now.


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