Wand Some Good Karma?

It’s always fun to start out a new cycle hoping things are going to be different in a better sort of way. For at least a week into a new cycle, I'm usually full of resolutions and aspirations, welcoming positive change and temporarily sloughing off bad habits for the good of my body. Now - thanks to this amazing discovery - making it all a little easier is the Good Karma Medium Wand (apparently good karma is no longer good in large wand formats). The wand influences certain planets in thrilling and unknown ways, creating a “positive bubble” around the wearer. Sadly though, instructions on the proper wearing techniques for wands not included.

The manufacturer also sells acceptance wands, courage wands and attraction wands in the standard medium size. The clarity, confidence and communication wands, on the other hand, can be purchased in large sizes. Fearlessness and forgiveness are also available in large, whereas the happiness, hope, inner peace and letting go wands don’t come in anything larger than medium. But they're the experts, these wand makers, and they know without the slightest doubt how much of these qualities to impart upon their products. So, for making baby JaAdam, I'm going with the medium amount of good karma and a large side of fearlessness and hoping for the best.


  1. that sounds like the perfect combination - fearlessness and hoping for the best. :) sending love and hoping you're having a great day. <3<3

  2. It's pretty! I hope it brings you super groovy karma :)


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