New Beginnings

Today I have hope.  

Hope that things will work out this time.
Hope that I will make it to egg retrieval.
Hope that I will make it to embryo transfer.
Hope that it will work and 
Hope that I'll get pregnant.

It's now been three weeks since my first IVF cycle was cancelled.  As discussed with my RE, I had a batch of blood work done on Tuesday to check my hormone levels to see what was going on. My nurse called me yesterday to let me know that they had the results and that the doctor would review and get back to me. "Uh oh" I was thinking. I spoke to my RE last night and he was amazing. He assured me that all of my hormones were all within normal limits and most FSH was 6 and that was great news! 6 means that I have excellent to good ovarian reserve which means that with the right protocol, I should stimulate easily *Whew*

My progesterone was high...also good...that means that I've ovulated and good ol Aunt Flo should be here any day now and we can officially jump into our next cycle. I have a new protocol in hand, medications are all filled and most importantly....I have hope!

Hope Street by A Life Through the Lens via Etsy

Hope you are feeling hopeful today!


  1. So glad to hear that your results came back so strong Janet! Bring on the cycle!!


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