Blah With a Side of Ugh

Seriously Aunt Flo...where the hell are you? It's been 19 days since I stopped the Menopur and Puregon...19 days! Most normal women get a visit from their Aunt in 10-14 days. Why do I have to be 19 days? Cause my name is Janet and I usually never follow the norm. I'm all about embracing my inner freak and all that jazz but come on...I wanna be normal...just this once. Once my Aunt comes to visit, I'll gladly go back to being just a little off kilter!

While I wait I try not to think too much about what I can't control...what I can do nothing about...but it's hard.

I'm also waiting for these lovely, lovely tomatoes...

Hope your Monday has been a lot less blah.


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