Today is day 3 of Menopur injections.

I am already feeling some twinges and hoping that means that my ovaries are working over time. They better be...my dose has been upped from 75IU last cycle to 300IU this cycle! Know what else I'm feeling? Sleepy...so very, very sleepy. 
Sleepy by Sycamore Street Designs via Etsy
Slept in till 11 am, napped this afternoon and already looking forward to bed time. Here's to hoping that a well rested body will make for some very happy ovaries!

How was your weekend?


  1. I hope your ovaries are cooperating!!

  2. I hope this sleepy feeling is a good sign that your ovaries are working overtime! When is your first monitoring appointment?

  3. Thanks Bridget!

    Ashley - My first monitoring appointment is on Wednesday and I have to admit...I am feeling very anxious! Crossed fingers that all will be well!


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