Trigger Time!

There’s a day in the life of an IVF couple when all is right with the world, when all those drugs finally pay off for a major high, when all possibilities are rosy and hopeful. It’s called Trigger Time.

No matter what comes later, Trigger Time is a day of hope.

Today is our trigger!

At exactely 11 pm  Adam will give me my HCG injection and exactly 36 hours later...egg retreival. 

My eggs could be just a few days away from meeting Adam's little guys and I sure hope that they like one another...this will after their very first meeting. Today we have hope, and it feels so good.

Here’s to hope and happy trigger days for IVFers everywhere!

Choose Hope by Joy Keeper via Etsy


  1. Oh yay for trigger time! Good luck at retrieval! I will be thinking about you!

  2. Thanks..will be thinking of you as well. I hope Alice and Isla come out to meet you soon. Good luck!


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