Really Janet...really?

Let's just say that this morning I am not feeling like the sharpest crayon in the box *sigh* 

Yesterday was my first injection of Menopur! I had blood work in the morning, clinic gave the okay to start the injections in the afternoon. Adam met me at home, he mixed up the four vials and first Menopur injection complete. All good...this morning should have been much of the'd think...expect that Adam wasn't home. 

For those that have or are undergoing fertility treatments you know how very expensive fertility medications are. It's quite ridiculous actually. Although we have insurance coverage on our medications, I still treat each and every one like liquid gold. This morning I wasted four, yes four, vials of my gold. I did end up successfully mixing and injecting my Menopur but I sure am happy that Adam will be home for tomorrows injection.

My own little pharmacy


  1. oh i could never handle mixing or touching the needles so good for you for at least giving it a go!


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