It's About Time

I know, I know...bad Janet.

After pulling my hair out and when all else failed, stomping like a child, I've finally been able to upload this damn vlog! However, I have not been able to figure out how NOT to stretch out the video. I swear to you, it looks just fine on my end but for whatever reason, when I upload it stretches it out and this annoys me so!

I also discovered  a few things in the process:
  • I discovered that I now hate my iPhone 5. You can suck it 5.
  • I discovered that I miss my iPhone 4 terribly. I'm so sorry 4 for giving up on you. I've made a terrible mistake. Please forgive.
  • I discovered that I say "Um" and "ridiculous" a lot.
  • I discovered that being trapped in an elevator with Captain Tightpants & Cullen Bohannan just might be my version of heaven.
  • I discovered that after hearing myself sing and not subjecting you to my awesome dance moves was the right decision.
  • I discovered that Digital Media converter is actually quite clever. You see those nice green letters? This is like a lighthouse beckoning to lost sailers "Come to me, coooome to me". "I will guide you home" It's because of the cleverness and dedication that I applaud them.
  • I discovered that the "stretched out" look is not a good one for me.
  • I discovered that for the past 37 years what I thought I sounded like is actually not even close to the truth.
  • I discovered that talking to ones self whilst simultaneously looking at ones hard even though I talk to myself ALL of the time.
  • I discovered that I really like apples.
I also discovered that I fall right into the notion that all Canadians say "eh".
Without further ado...I present to vlog...


  1. You have a lovely voice! Thanks for the laugh at the kitchen-cheek-needle-friend walking in story.

  2. OMG. I loooooove your voice! I could listen to it alll day long. I have to agree with Elizabeth. That story about your friend walking in made me laugh so hard! Yaaay for vlogging!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love your accent! The stretch/distorted look was interesting.

  4. I had to stop and comment before I listen to the whole thing so I don't forget my comments 1. I Love your accent! 2. I LOVE that you say "Eh" 3. I loved your answer to question number 1! 4. We could totally hang out! 5... back to the video :)

  5. hahah "hey how are your ovaries today?" had me rolling! Love the song! You are a great singer :) and your fat tongue is super cool I would consider that a special talent! Mmmm Scotch!

  6. Oh meh gerd, I love your accent. You funny.


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