Fort Wellington

It was a beautiful Sunday, we were on our way home, we've passed this town hundreds of times and we finally decided to stop. I am so glad we did.

I was kind of hoping this guy would give me a hug but was not meant to, I think he's married
Fort Wellington in Prescott, ON on the St. Lawrence River...amazing
This sure doesn't seem like a comfortable place to sleep
Very cool fortification facing the river...also it was great for climbing
Adam taking in the view of the St. Lawrence River
Adam...that's a big axe you have there!
Testing out my aim
A climber will always find something to climb wherever they are...Fort Wellington was no exception 

Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate the beauty that's all around us. Today was a beautiful day indeed.


  1. I agree, today was a beautiful day.
    And thanks for always sharing such beautiful pics!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, glad you had a nice visit.

  3. Love your pictures. Seemed like a beautiful place and lots of fun!


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