Remember those pair of pants you bought that never fit you even though they seemed like they did in the store? You totally would have returned them, but you’re lazy and throwing money away is sort of a hobby of yours. 

Then one night, at 12:15 a.m. you are digging through your closet to find something to wear to work as well as trying to find all of the elastic waisted pants you own, that you'll undoubtedly want to wear after the surgery you are having on Thursday, when you stumble across those pants and you think...maybe...and you try them on and they totally fit. 

And you're not sure whether you should feel elation over not having to do laundry at one in the morning or depression over finally being fat enough to wear the pants that never fit you.


  1. I die! Problem with me is I never bought pants that were too big! They are all always too tight all of the time! Lol! Thinking of you... I hope for a speedy recovery and beautiful tubes post surgery!

  2. This made me laugh so hard! So so true.


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