Trapped By Technology

I did it. 

I taped my vlog. But it's trapped on my iPhone. 

iPhone 5...why ya gotta be hatin? 4 was so nice to me. You...not so much. Argh!

Does anyone know how to transfer video from the iPhone 5 to a PC and it what format it must be in?


  1. I hate these things. I know nothing and can't help, but I can sympathize.

  2. Hate this for you. No idea with an I-phone 5. Sorry I can't help. Please find an answer soon!! I want to see your video!! K, Thanks! :) :) :)

  3. Excuses excuses, sister!

    No really - I have no idea. My husband emailed me a short video from his iPhone once. Will that work for you?


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