According To Plan?

We had a plan. We made decisions. We had a clear vision of our upcoming cycle. Right?

Apparently things change and apparently when they do change, no one decides to tell us. As a result of these changing plans (between our RE and his nurses, minus Janet & Adam), 
I have spent the past two mornings starting my day off by peeing on a stick, and then waiting for said stick to magically light up with a smiley face as a result of my LH surge and consequential ovulation.

I pee. 

I brush my teeth.

I watch the stick flashing.

I wait.

I look again.

And then I get angry. Why am I peeing on a stick to check for ovulation for a mock cycle to prepare for a natural cycle protocol that we never agreed to? Let's backup shall we...

I got a call from the nurse on Friday to discuss my mock cycle...wait, what? "We are not doing a natural cycle" I politely say. She replies "Those are the orders I have". "Then those orders are wrong" I tell her. "Okay, I'll talk to your doctor and get back to you". 

Great. This will be sorted out and I'll get the prescription for my Depot Luron that I need to inject on the 14th (which is cycle day 16 in case you were interested. Sharing is caring and I care enough about you all to share). 

I was wrong.

I get a call Saturday morning from another nurse advising me that I needed to start using an ovulation test kit to check for my LH surge for my mock cycle. Grrrr. So this issue has not be resolved and won't be until Monday. Her advice was to pick up the kit and start to test...just in case. I didn't ask "Just in case what?" but like a good girl, I picked up the damn kit.

I haven't yet seen a smiley face and perhaps that's a good thing. I'm not really in the mood for a cute little "screw you" smiley face staring up at me. This morning, we've left messages with the nurses, doctor's receptionist and front reception (because no one there ever, ever answers the phone) and are waiting.

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  1. Lame! Hopefully you're able to get it sorted out today.

  2. So annoying, seriously, where's the plan already??!! Oh and yay I can post on your blog :)

  3. Hope you get good news... IVF/ART clinics are soooo frustrating !! Our's doesn't answer the phone either... and I hate leaving numerous message - which they sometime take over a day to answer. I think those places sometimes that we're the patient... and we've paid a small fortune for their services... my clinic 'forgot' to tell me of a medication change for this cycle - I was so angry... but then didn't want to get them off side by telling them directly that I was annoyed (b/c they're the only ones who can get me pregnant)... so I bit my tongue.

    Hope you get an answer today and that you're able to go ahead with your cycle :) FXd for you xoxo

  4. So frustrating! Arg! I hope they get their heads out of their butts.

  5. so frustrating. and yes, i hate how no one there ever picks up the phone. they should really compensate you for their mix up.


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