The Funny Thing About Insomnia

And yes, by “funny,” I mean excruciatingly irritating.

The past few nights I have been running around with Our Lady of Misery “Insomnia” and let me just say she can suck it! She comes around the second I rest my head on the pillow…and she stays. I tell her to get out. She ignores me. I get serious...try to evict her with Melatonin and aromatherapy and meditations and hot showers…and yet, she plants herself like a heinous growth at my bedside, terrorizing me. Smelly pirate hooker.

You would think that – after someone spends several days with little sleep at night and reaches the point where she can’t finish a sentence and her brain is mushy enough to be mistaken for cottage cheese – well, you would think she would easily fall asleep the instant she falls back into bed. Right?

You might think that if you’ve never experienced the joys of insomnia firsthand. If you don’t understand how it works. If you think that logic enters into it.

But the truth is that in sleep, as with many things in life, there are no guarantees. There is no “supposed to.” Should does not equal could. You take what you get and roll with it. That’s what you do. I keep looking for that surefire solution and I’ll keep a diligent lookout for it for as long as it takes. But I roll with it.

Meanwhile, I memorize a lot of interesting things while trying to dull myself to sleep. May come in useful someday.

See? Benefits.
Beautiful Sleep by Fifi du Vie via Etsy


  1. Sorry to hear that you're not sleeping well... I hate when that happens :( Insomnia is a nightmare. Hope gentle sleep comes to you soon xoxo

  2. Smelly pirate hooker, huh? I'm sorry about your insomnia but that line made me snort! :)

  3. Eeeeew smelly pirate hooker. That's just nasty! ;)

  4. Meditation CD's have been helping me so much!! This is all new to me, I'm always to hyper to meditate but I just put them on at night and at my acu appointments and it helps me quiet my mind and fall asleep, I am so grateful to have found this tool, I used to suffer a lot from insomnia specially in the middle of cycles. Try it! :)


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