Spirit Within

Spirits are carefree.
They should never be held down.
Made of pure energy – They are our very life source.
For every woman, her life spirit is different from others.
Each spirit is unique in it owns way.
As a child our spirits are carefree.
We laugh, we run, we love, as love is given to us.
Sadly, as we grow, our spirits become harnessed by the rules of life.
Saddled with burden.
Spirits are meant to fly high – Free as a bird.
Sadly, our spirits cry when pain is inflicted upon us.
My spirit has been captured and taken prisoner.
It has been beaten, bruised and even scolded in the days of my life.
But my spirit will never die.
My spirit is what keeps me going.
Without it I would surely die.
Although saddled and harnessed, my spirit always always finds a way to show itself and be free.
Freedom to laugh and love when with friends.
Freedom to express myself in writing.
Freedom to wear funky socks.
Freedom to fly my inner freak flag.
My spirit will always shine for all to see.

Yesterday my spirit was hungry and cold – I fed it with a couple (more like a few) red velvet cookies and warmed it with funky socks...

Thanks to Million Baby Steps for my amazing rainbow socks - they make early morning blood work just a little more bearable.

Red Velvert cookies - OMG yum!

My inner freak now has a full tummy and warm feet!


  1. I'm glad your spirit is looking up. Also, glad you received your over the top socks!

  2. Between the socks and the cookies I think you had a stellar Tuesday!


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