Try, Try, Try Again

It's official....after much unhappiness and displeasure on our part and a thorough conversation with our doctor and nursing team...we have started Cycle #5. 

My oh my...what have I gotten myself into?


  1. Glad you have a plan in place and are moving forward.

  2. Wish I was cycling with you. I'm wishing you the best of luck. I'll be here following your progress.

  3. Wonderful news... hope this cycle is the one for you xoxo

  4. Good luck to you, I will be subscribing and following! I hope this is your cycle. I blog over at and just started my journey into blogging. I know how hard IF as I struggled with high FSH, and premature ovarian failure but I do blieve that if you just keep trying good things will happen. I have a son thanks to science and just got my bfp on valentine's day for the second one. Please don't lose hope! Anything can happen even with all the loss and sadness there is definitely a "unicorn that poops rainbows" at the end of the...well rainbow! :)


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