Send In The Clowns

Hi my name is Janet and I have Coulrophobia. I've shared this with you before. I still vividly remember the horrifying dream I had last year before we started our first IVF cycle. Tiny little clown babies....*shudder* 

Some people love clowns. They think clowns are just funny, happy-go-lucky entertainers with a penchant for wearing silly clothes and making balloon critters.

The rest of us can't sleep, because we know the truth: The clowns will eat us!

You may be asking yourself why I'm rehashing my previous clowns experiences? No, not about I tell you anyway...

We've recently started watching the new TV series "The River". Fantastic, interesting, different and very, very freaky. Case in point...

The Doll Tree

Now along with the clowns I have to fear the "Doll Tree" which is a mite better than the dreaded "Clown Tree".


  1. Auggghh! The doll tree is so scary! I love that show. Even though I "watch" it with my hands over my eyes.

  2. Looks pretty scary... never heard of these shows... we mustn't have them in Australia but I'm chicken when it comes to scary things :( I'm not a clown fan either :) xo


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