Clothing Optional

So remember yesterday when I said I was crazy? Well...what I did this morning is confirmation that yes, I am indeed crazy with a dash of Just a Little Off Kilter.

Wake up, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work...this is what I do five days a week so you'd think that I would have the routine pretty much worked out by now.

Apparently not...

I get to work, start to take off my jacket and realized very quickly that I never actually finished getting dressed! I put on my lady undergarments, tights and tank top but never put on my dress so there I am standing at my desk wearing my undergarments, tights, tank top, boots and a smile. What!?!? 

I dashed home, put on my dress and was back at work before anyone noticed but really Janet?....really! I'd blame it on the drugs but I haven't started any yet!

Oops by Twelve One Designs via Etsy


  1. Wow, impressive!! Thanks for sharing that fantastic story.

  2. Good thing you noticed FIRST. You would never live that one down :)

  3. BAhahahahahaha! I'm laughing with you, right? You're laughing, right?

  4. LOL...All I can do is laugh about it!

  5. I would blame it on Wood, he's a good scapegoat and was likely sending you evil thoughts anyway.
    BTW, I just read a little news clip that writing about your thoughts, feelings and experiences (or generally anything else important to you) for 10 min a day can help women lose weight. Not that you, tiny person, need to lose weight... the researchers put the effect down to decreased anxiety and an improved sense of self-worth and satisfaction.
    I would try it but I think mine would come off more as a rant than a blog. :P

    Love you.
    p.s. I am also laughing at you.

  6. OMG.... whenever you get pregnant and have that baby... just think of all the stories you will have to tell them!! :-)


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