We're Not Worthy

Apparently we are not worthy enough of even a phone call from our old clinic to discuss our embryo shipment. I got an email. My RE didn't even have the courtesy after all we've been through to call me. Let me share shall I, on what light has been shed on things or if any responsibility has been taken.

Dear Janet,

We are very sorry to hear there was a problem in the shipping of your embryos. Based on the details of your email and phone calls, and correspondence with your new clinic, we are very perplexed how such an incident could occur. I can assure you that we took every precaution possible in the safe preparation for the shipment of your embryos. In two last years for 10 IVF Centers our lab shipping Embryos through the current methodology, this is the first time we have ever been notified that there was a problem on the receiving end.  We take such incidents very seriously.

Let me describe to you the methodology so that you have a better understanding of the protective measures that are taken.  The vial that contains the embryos is fitted into a metal cane that holds the vial snugly in place.  This cane is then inserted into a plastic sleeve (essentially a tube) that encloses the cane/vial firmly.  The sleeve is used so that in the scenario that if a vial were to ever come dislodged from the cane, it would have no place to go.  The cane/sleeve combo is then inserted into a canister (essentially the size of a coffee cup) that holds it during the shipping process  The tank is then encased in a padded shipper for transportation.  The couriers that ReproMed use know to treat the package with utmost care and warning labels are affixed to the outside to ensure the courier knows there is sensitive material included.

When we advised that the cap (loop containing the embryos) had come off the vial, had somehow left the protective sleeve that encompassed it, and lay in the bottom of the canister is extremely strange.  We have reviewed the set-up and considered all possible options how this could have happened and not come up with any explanation.  Though it is technically possible that anything can happen (during the shipping and receiving process at the corresponding lab), this is very confusing to all of us.

We truly hope that your embryos were not damaged during this shipment and we certainly acknowledge that there is great concern on your end.  Our team will continue to examine all possibilities of what might have contributed to the findings from the lab on the other end and relay any information we may find.  In the interim, please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

Best regards.

Never, has either clinic seen this occur before. Apparently we're the first. Great. Yes, let's "truly hope" that our embryos weren't damaged...thanks for nothing.

I am so, so angry. And sad.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog Janet. Wow...what an ordeal. I sure hope your embies are OK. That is crazy!

  2. This makes me so mad. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I hope they improve their process and take this serious.

  3. Obviously, someone didn't do their job correctly. Duh. If they were supposed to do it a certain way, and it didn't happen that way, there was some negligence going on. I'm thinking that somebody didn't put the cane in the damn sleeve.

    I think you would have a good case to sue for negligence on their part.

  4. What an inadequate response - basically "we don't know what happened, we're sorry." I am so hoping that your embryos turn out to be okay after all. It's unbelievably unfair that you have to deal with this no matter what, but I'm hoping should you decide to transfer them that they just might pull through. Hang in there, you will get through this mess...

  5. The bottom line is that they were supposed to carry your precious cargo in a safe and reasonable manner. Whatever checks they put in place didn't work. There must be some sort of remedy to this and not just an impersonal email. So sorry that this has happened to you.

  6. You have every right to be angry (I feel angry for you) and every right to feel sad. I truly hope this has not damaged that precious cargo and you will be able to proceed.

  7. I can't believe they didn't even have the guts to call you. Holy crap I would be beyond pyscho livid. This is garbage. It is somebody's fault...and it's theirs.


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