Le Sigh

You know how at the end of a horror movie, there’s often this peaceful, “whew, I’m glad that’s finally over!” scene at the end? The monster was killed, the demon exorcised, whatever—it’s sunny, the birds are chirping, everything is back to normal. BUT THEN, right when you least expect it, one last, stray zombie chomps someone’s head off before the closing credits.

That's kind of how I'm feeling right about now.

I had my Depot Lupron injection this afternoon so I guess this frozen cycle is now in full swing. On one hand...I'm happy to finally get things going. That means that we are one step closer to transfer. On the other hand...I'm scared that we are one step closer to transfer. Make sense?

I hope my future will be filled with sunny skies and chirping birds but if it's filled with stray, chomping zombies am I strong enough to get through that again? 

I guess only time will tell. 


  1. You are strong enough to do it again. And I hope hope hope hope that this is the last time.

  2. That's EXACTLY how I feel. I don't want any more zombies at the end of this film :)


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