Bad News Bears

I just got a call from my Doctor and the news isn't good. 

Our embryos arrived from our old clinic to the new clinic but there is a problem...a big problem. When they opened the tank the loop that contains the embryos had somehow fallen out of it's protective vial and was laying in the bottom of the tank and this my friends, is bad news bears!

The only piece of good news is that the tank temperature was -180 degrees as it is supposed to be. That means that there wasn't a leak and the embryos should still be quite frozen. The bad news is because the loop was out of the vial that is supposed to protect it, there is a very real possibility that the embryos have been damaged and or destroyed. The other kicker is that the only way to tell either way is to thaw them and that only happens on the day we are supposed to transfer. I could go through with the meds and PIO injections only to discover on the day of transfer that our embryos are not viable.

We have two options - continue this frozen protocol and hope for the best...or...cancel this frozen cycle and go through another fresh cycle. 

I feel like someone has kicked me in the stomach and I can't catch my breath. These are our last two embryos. 

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  1. Oh Janet, I am so sorry to hear this. What a hard decision to make, and what a horrible phone call to be on the receiving end of. Thinking of you as you make this decision.

  2. I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you.

    If this happened to me, I would move forward with the FET at this point. It is always a toss up if embryos are going to survive the thaw...this is just a LOT more tossed than usual. A FET is so much easier on your body than a fresh cycle.

    Best of luck in whatever you do. You deserve some..big time.

  3. Oh Janet! This is horrible! I can honestly say I do not know what I would do. Part of me would be tempted to do a fresh cycle, you can always transfer these as part of a sibling cycle with another good egg....but then part of me thinks that since they are rock hard frozen there shouldn't be damage.
    I am so sorry, what a horrible decision to have to make. This is insane! Who takes the blame here? Old clinic? fedex? New clinic? Or is it just you who gets all the negatives?

  4. OMG that is awful. Surely they should pay for a new cycle for you.

    I would still wait and see how they thaw.

    thinking of you x

  5. I know this is incredibly American of me to say, but can you sue? This is bullshit!

  6. This is terrible news. I cannot believe that happened! I really really hope they are ok and that you don't have to do another fresh cycle. I am so sorry.

  7. That is HORRIBLE, I would be so angry. I hope everything turns out okay and you are able to move forward with the FET. So sorry this happened to you!

  8. Oh I am so sorry. That is such crappy news! I agree with Cornfed; there must be a way that they can remedy the situation. Whether it's a reduction in your cycle or something.

  9. I am in shock. What a horrible decision to have to make. What does your RE think you should do?

  10. Thank you for all the support...means the world to me. We were told that this was a risk with shipping them but never did I think we would be in this situation. Just our crappy luck once again. I feel so broken inside. We'll have a discussion with our RE today and go from there.

  11. Janet,
    I've followed your blog for a while and this is my first comment. I am so sorry to hear of what happened and will be keeping you in my thoughts. Good luck with your RE today.

  12. I am with Cornfed, even if you can't sue they better be paying for you to have a whole fresh go if you need to. I hope that wont be necessary. Hugs

  13. Oh Janet, what a nightmare. I am so sorry. I hope they are okay...


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