Coulrophobia Is No Laughing Matter. Well, Maybe A Little.

A recent poll found that the top three most frightfully frightening things people are afraid of are spiders, needles and clowns.

Well knock me down with a feather!

Spiders and needles I understand. Nobody likes animals that have eight legs and yet can still sneak up and kill you with a single venomous bite. And needles hurt. But clowns?

I've never understood my fear of clowns, the irrational fear of middle-aged men who like to paint their faces and wear bright-orange wigs. As you know from a previous post, I don’t particularly like clowns...I’m afraid of them. They’re silly, I know. What’s the worst they can do? Throw a bucket of multi-colored confetti at you? Squirt water in your face with the plastic daisy they keep tucked in the over sized lapel of their polka-dotted jumpsuit? Repeatedly honk a giant bicycle horn in your ear?

You would think that would be the worst they could do but for some reason, in my wee little Janet brain, I have somehow attached this irrational fear of clowns with my fear and anxiety I'm feeling about our IVF cycle. In last night's dream some evil looking clown was the one coming to my house everyday to inject me with Lupron. I woke up in a sweat! 

Tomorrow morning Adam and I have medication teaching and Friday the needle party begins. One injection every day until the 16th and then three needles a day after that...perhaps that's where the dream came from...regardless...they must stop! 

If you're looking at this picture and having trouble breathing, you may suffer from coulrophobia, the irrational fear of clowns. Or asthma. This is a bad time of year for allergies.

Happy "Hump" Day!


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