Needle School & Gardens

This morning Adam and I had our medication teaching appointment and I must say, it went very well indeed. Thankfully last night there were no scary, injecting clown dreams but I still slept a little less than usual. IVF has been a scary and anxious journey thus far...that might keep a girl up at night! The nurses were great and very friendly and helped to ease our mind for sure. I go for blood work early tomorrow morning and then the needle party begins!

Picked up my I really ready for this? 

On a completely unrelated note....The Garden!
We actually have some strawberries!
Raspberry Row
Our very first eats from the Garden...yumm.Radish!
Some real progress
This is the front of the house and my contribution to making things look nice!
Pretty pick flowers that I bought, potted and very quickly forgot the name of!


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