Luck Was Bound To Run Out

Bon favorite of favorite places...where I go to relax...climb it's beautiful cliffs...swim in it's amazing, although chilly lake...where I spend time with my friends who have become my family...and...where I now apparently go to catch Poison Ivy!
Looks harmless enough doesn't it.
I've been going to Bon Echo for about twelve years now and I'm sure, waded though poison ivy a hundred times. We have a pretty good idea of what climbs either have it on the climb itself. "The Joke 5.9"...that seems insane to climb anyway or is at the base of a climb..."Afternoon Delight 5.4" which I was on the last time I was there. Even though I've never had a reaction to poison ivy, I always make sure to steer clear...just in case. Seems my luck had run out.  I'm now the unhappy owner of my very own poison ivy...ugh!

Funny thing took more than a week to makes it's appearance and another day or so for me to recognize what it was. If there is a cream or ointment to treat it out there, trust me, I've bought it! It spread to my other leg and I now know why....Adam and I have been going for a walk every night after dinner and I've been wearing my Chaco sandals that I was wearing the day I climbed "Afternoon Delight". Needless to say, my beloved Chaco's will be getting a good ol scrubbing tonight!
Looking down from the cliff at the bottom of "Afternoon Delight"

Hope your Thursday has been Poison Ivy free!


  1. ohh boo! that sounds awful. i saw some burts bees poison ivy soap at winners today... have you tried that?

  2. No, I haven't seen that but guess where I am going after work...LOL!


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