Party Time!

If you looked at me today you might think that I look a little wide eyed and terrified...but....make no mistake...I am excited...with a side of wide eyed and terrified!
Party Time by Jelly Koe via Etsy

Early this morning I had my first of many blood draws and I am just waiting for word from the clinic on just what my Lupron dose will be tonight. This is now beginning to feel a little more real and I have a feeling that the pace is going to pick up dramatically and that...well...that is both scary and exciting! To think...if all goes well I will be pregnant in less than a month!

I read somewhere on a blog a while back that you should decide on a post needle reward strategy... something to take the edge off.  This strategy should be consistent and preplanned. Have Adam and I figured out what that reward will be? No...we've never even talked about so before tonight's needle we'll need to figure that one out. I was also thinking that perhaps we could do a little "before needle dance" to to make us laugh but well...if you were at the amazing HelRon wedding you got a very real glimpse into just how awful dancers we are! On second thought....our combined bad dancing just might be the thing to help us relax and laugh a little.

Let's see how tonight goes shall we!


  1. Yay I so hope he did a needle dance! Our reward strategy was vampire diaries. Each time I got my needle(s) we also got to watch an episode of vampire diaries. Definitely helped me dread the whole needle thing a lot less. I hope your first shot went well!!


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