Je Suis Malade

It would appear that summer has made it's entrance...32C or about 90F for my lovely American friends and nothing but sunshine yesterday and today is looking like a repeat. I LOVE summer!

You know what I don't love...being sick in the summer heat...ugh! Perhaps I have a bad cold or the flu or Ebola..well likely not Ebola but I sure do feel pretty awful. High fever and feeling like I've been hit by a truck, the truck has then backed over me and then run over me again!

Get Well Soon Greeting Card by Hero Design Studio via Etsy
 On the upswing, I don't start my Lupron for another 10 days so I guess it's better to get this over with now then later.

Here's to hoping that everyone else is feeling fine and enjoying the summer sunshine!

Happy June 1st!


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