Sometimes The Anticipation Really Is The Worst...

Operation "First Shot" complete!

The clinic called Friday afternoon to let me know that we could proceed with the first shot of Lupron after reviewing my blood work. My hormone levels were: LH:3, Progesterone: 0.7, Estradiol: less than 46...not sure what any of that means but my nurse assured me that they were all normal. So what did we do?...why we had a needle party! 

Adam was fantastic and before I knew it...shot was over! Yeah...finally feels like we are on our way. Second shot last night...easy. I celebrated by going out with a friend to see a movie..."Super 8"... Great fun!

Happy Sunday!


  1. funny - i looked for an update on your blog last night and didn't see this. so glad to hear the first shot went well!


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