Awareness & Over Sharing

Awareness. There are few things I am absolutely sure of. I am however absolutely sure that the guy next to me on my way into work this morning was pretty convinced that I was either trying really hard to break the windows in my car or that I was being tickle-tortured and subsequently screaming at the top of my lungs. Either way, I would like to say that I was doing neither. I am also fully aware that I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. My goal is NOT to be Carrie Underwood when I grow up. I find it relaxing to sing-a-long in the car on a drive, OK? I will also be doing the same on my way home from work. If you see me...please look away and keep driving!

Over sharing. I made the mistake of over sharing - and over blogging - to some of my friends and co-workers that I am afraid of clowns. Always have been and always will be...I've accepted this. My friends love me, I'm certain of this...or...I was certain of this until recently. These have been showing up in my inbox...and now I am not so certain.

Abandoned Clown Train - *shudder*
A heartfelt message to my friends - I'm begging you, please stop sending me photos of scary clowns. I can't sleep and soon I will have to start sleeping with the light on! Love ~ Janet


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