Today I am sad.

I spoke to my RE....cycle has been cancelled and I am crushed. 

I had a feeling that we were going to come to this but that doesn't make this any easier. I had my ultrasound and blood work this morning and I knew it wasn't great. Two follicles over 5 mm and a bunch of little ones, lining had improved to 5.6 mm. In my heart of hearts, I knew this first cycle attempt was over. 

Apparently I just wasn't responding to the medications like I was supposed to and all of my hormones were very low. Doctor told me that 98% of women respond to the protocol I was on. I am one of the unlucky 2%. I can start another cycle as soon as I get AF. We'll change things up, no BCP next time, baseline blood work and ultrasound and see what happens. This could just have been because I was over suppressed or this could also be because there is something else going on with me. I'll be 36 soon but surely I should still have some good eggs in there, right? Brings me back to a conversation a couple of years ago and when someone said to me "Janet, you may feel young but your eggs are old" *Sigh*

I am confused. I am sad. Tomorrow is a new, I will cry.

Cry by Rainboeliza via Etsy


  1. Oh Janet I am so sorry to hear that your cycle was cancelled. It must be a hard blow. At least you can try again with your next cycle. I so hope they learn from this and better tailor the drugs to your needs for the next cycle.


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