Today is Cycle Day 18 of my FET.

After my ultrasound on Tuesday it was decided that my transfer would be moved from September 12th to September 16th. My RE wanted to see my lining thicker than 6.9 mm so we've added another Estrace tablet - now 10 mg a day - and another ultrasound on Monday to re check my lining. I am hoping for good things from my endometrium!

I am feeling happy and relaxed about this cycle. It seems to me that we've already been though all the hard work and not is the time to sit back, relax and relish in the power of positive thinking. Things will turn out how they turn out...really no point in stressing out about it. 

Four is my favorite number so I have a good feeling about our little four day delay.
Number Four by Numeric Design via Etsy

What's your favorite number?


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