Off the Hook!?

Today is 10dp3dt...four...four more days! oh my...the dreams that I have been having lately are off the hook! Case in point...last night's dream. It involved Alanis Morisette, the Cold War, castles, Russians, Tom Beregeron, violence, rowing teams and a baby! We all know that I am just a little off kilter but really...where on earth is this stuff coming from? This is my attempt to understand...

  •  Tom Beregeron - I usually watch America's Funniest Home Videos  on Sunday night but sadly it wasn't on and I wasn't able to get my Sunday evening chuckles - Yes, I watch AFV - don't judge me!
  • Cold War - I watched Pan Am last night - there was discussion about the Cold War
  • Russians - See above
  • Baby - this one is obvious
  • Castles - I was reading book two of the Game of Thrones and I think Nathan Fillion from the tv show Castle is H-O-T!
  • Rowing teams - I got nothin
  • Alanis Morisette - I don't even like her music
  • Violence - I'm a lover not a fighter
Let's hope this points in a "Janet is definitely pregnant" direction!

Now for something completely addition to our weekend full of apples, it also involved ducks...
Channeling my inner Duck Whisperer

Happy Monday!


  1. Dreams are a good sign! I hope the next four days pass quickly!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have big exciting news in a few days! Ps, if I am reading correctly you have to wait until 14dp3dt to test.... insanity!!! And, I agree with Amanda, dreams are a very good sign!

  3. Thanks...I hope so too! You are correct, 14dp3dt and the wait has been hard. I'm wishing good things for both of us!


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