Third Times A Charm

Third Times A Charm - That's been my mantra this cycle!

Tomorrow morning at 11 am is our embryo transfer. "Am I excited?" you ask...

Hell Yes by The Big Harumph via Etsy

It's an exciting day and surprisingly...I am feeling very relaxed. This has been such an easy process in comparison to  what we have already been though. I feel like we've done all the hard work it's time to sit back and relax. We have tried very hard to maintain a sense of humor about the whole process cause when you really start to think about it...this process is nuts, crazy, loco and if you allow it will drive you crazy. I have vowed that I will not allow this to happen! 

We named our two embryos last cycle - Test Tube Timmy and Petri Dish Patty - This cycle we had to pick names that were inline with the whole frozen theme so with a little help from our friends - who are all a little strange in the brain pan - we have - Fudgsicle Frank and Popsicle Polly. 

I hope they like my uterus enough to stay a good long while!


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