How Do You Like Them Apples

Today is 9dp3dt and I'm hanging in there. Five more days...I can do it. I'm happy to report that I've resisted and have not POAS...I like my PUPO bubble and I'm not ready for it to burst just yet! As far as symptoms go...

  • vivid, vivid dreams that I remember even days later. They are happening every night now so between that and getting up to pee...not resting as well as I'd like.
  • Tired...falling asleep much earlier than I normally would
  • The girls are at least an A cup now and no longer AA but let's face A cup on a 36 year old woman...way too small if you ask Why my mother decided to not pass the boob gene along, I will never know!
Progesterone or Pregnancy? 

To keep occupied today we decided to go apple picking and I must was quite relaxing and the weather was amazing.

We did come home with a bushel and a half. Just how many apples is a bushel and a half....

That's A LOT of apples

Adam's plan is to make apple juice, cider, butter, sauce and I'm gonna make me some pies!

I hope your Sunday was relaxing.


  1. I hope you're hanging in there! Glad to see you've resisted the POAS. Where did you go apple picking? I have an urge to go too!

  2. I'm hanging in there but it's getting harder and harder as the week rolls on. I just keep telling myself...three more days!

    It was a place in Barrhaven just off of Jockvale. They have Spartan, Cortland, Mac and another I think. You guys should go! Last night Adam made apple sauce...yum!

  3. hang in there. you will know soon enough and i am crossing my fingers and toes for you two! that place is very close by, maybe we will check it out this weekend.


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