Protocol Change

Today is Cycle Day 22 of my FET.

Bright and early this morning I another date with the "dildo cam". Monday mornings and Dilo cams  are a lot like - clowns and Janet - wrong on so many levelsThe cam I can deal with...the rough eastern European lady who operates said cam...well...she's a little harder to deal with but if it gets me what I want...I'll smile and say Thank You.

Things look good. Lining was at 8.9 mm with a triple stripe. Just what they wanted to see...yeah! I have my protocol change. Today I lower my Estrace to two tablets a day from 5, start my progesterone suppositories three times a day...eck...and also start the progesterone in oil injections. I'm not going to lie...they make me nervous. I have heard both good and bad things about them. Some say "not so bad" whilst others say "terrible, awful, hated them". I guess we'll see what end of the spectrum I fall into this evening. Wish me luck!

Transfer is scheduled for Friday September 16th and I am filled with nervous energy.
Nervous Energy Flower Print by Paper Path via Etsy

How was your Monday?


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