Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh No, Oh My!

I had a fantastic weekend at Bon was relaxing, fun and I came home feeling happy and refreshed...until...yesterday. What changed in one day you may be asking yourself?

Two evil,  evil little words....Poison Ivy!

Earlier this summer poison ivy and I had an ugly run in but luckily it was just on my legs and hadn't spread anywhere else. Annoying, yes. Irritating, sure but I dealt and it was gone. Not so lucky this time *sigh* I noticed it on my arm yesterday and then my foot and then my back. Again, I can deal. 

And then this morning happened.....I woke up, had a shower, looked in the mirror and ack...what did I see? That's right, you guessed it...poison ivy on my face and I am most unhappy about it. *Crossed Fingers* that it stays mild and goes away quickly. 

In the meantime...I've been quarantined at work. I hope they let me out soon.

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