Yesterday at 11 am...we transferred two perfect embryos and I once again find myself PUPO - pregnant until proven otherwise - and I couldn't be happier!

Of the 6 embryos that we had on ice, they thawed two and I am happy to report that they both thawed perfectly and continued to grow right away. At the time of transfer, one was 16 cells (this one we've called Frank) and the other was 14 cells (this one is Polly)....

So Happy!

This time around was so much easier. We knew what to expect, we were relaxed and we managed to keep ourselves quite entertained while we waited before and after the transfer...

Aren't we great parent material?

I wore my favorite rock climbing socks in for the transfer...the nurses and Dr. loved them...Adam not so much...

What do you think? 

The transfer was the easy part...waiting until September 30th for me beta...that's going to be the hard part but I will do my best to...laugh everyday, relax, be thankful for what I have right in front of me and there will be no PAOS this time around!

How was your Friday? Any big weekend plans?


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