Who Won?

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Bon Echo...there was an epic battle between the evil and cunning "Sweet Dreams" and the beautiful and amazing "Janet". This is their story....

Once upon a time I was in shape, good, fit climbing shape - oh how I miss those days - but IVF, drugs and hormones have pretty much squashed all of that and I have been feeling soft, unfit and weak. Sure, I have been climbing this summer but it has been on easy grades with lots of easy leads. So imagine my surprise when I woke up Saturday, crawled out of my tent and felt like climbing...I mean really climbing! I had a great morning climb on something a little easier and then proudly announced that "Yes, I would love to climb Sweet Dreams".

So I climbed....
Happy after the first pitch...before the "I just peed my pants a little" traverse
After pulling the crux...taking a rest

Sweet Dreams threw all that she had had me and yes...I was battered and yes...I was bloody and scrapped up but - I won!

At the top with my friend's Bob and Fred (not really their names or faces)  Besides...they look so much better this way!
The line up Sweet Dreams

Happy Climbing!


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