Just How Thick Is Thick Enough?

Today is Cycle Day 16 of my Frozen Embryo Transfer.

I went in early this morning for my first ultrasound. 15 days after starting the Estrace...my uterine lining thickness is at 6.9 mm with the triple stripe pattern. While a little on the thin side...I still have a week until our scheduled transfer of September 12th so I am feeling quite hopeful. Just waiting for word from the clinic on when to start the progesterone injections and the dreaded, awful and much hated progesterone suppositories. It's all worth it though - I'll grin and bear and smile away.

"Hope" by Durnall Designs via Etsy

Third times a Charm....right?


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. If you apply, best of luck to you as well!

    I hope all goes well with your transfer. I've always had lining issues, so 6.9 with a week to go sounds fantastic to me :)

  2. It's a great contest and I am thrilled they are doing this for one lucky couple. I am not going to apply...we have only been on our journey for a few months and I know that there are tons of other couples that have struggled so much more than we have. We also have insurance coverage...something that not everyone is lucky enough to have. So....I hope you win and I'll be pulling for you!


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