In Which I Ask My Second Question

If you recall...a couple of months ago I asked you my First Question. I have to admit...I kinda feel like a freak. It seems that I am alone in the "crayon eatin" department. It would seem though that "play-doh" is a much bigger department. I bet they even have a bigger office, more staff and treats in the lunch room!

Anywho...I heard a radio ad for a tattoo removal product, and it got me thinking. Also, a friend has been telling me all about hers lately, as well, so it is front-of-mind.  

Question -  Do you have a tattoo?

Answer - I do have a tattoo. Obviously, tattoos are pretty clearly going to last forever so I would like to think that I put a great deal of thought into mine and waited until the ripe ol age of 30 before getting inked. I have a friend that has her grandmother’s initials on her right hip. Very, very small (covered by a bikini - by the way - bikini's terrify me but that's a post for another day) and really unlikely to ever be something that causes her to say “Gee, I wish I hadn't gotten that done.” But obviously, not all tattoos are that well thought out. So, I want to you have a tattoo and if so...what's the story/meaning behind it? 


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