We have a fly in our office. I saw it buzzing around the window a couple of days ago, but couldn’t/wouldn't get up to swat it.

As it turns out, apparently we have a Darwinian Reject fly in our office. I’m not sure what separated it from its mother at an early age, but it’s little fly instincts don’t seem to be working as it has decided that I'm it’s new best friend. It must have caught wind of my Karma Project from the fly outside. It likes to land on my clothing. And if I move around, it just stays there, happily cleaning its feet. If I move around abruptly, it will circle around a little and try landing on me again. Sometimes for variety, it hops from one spot beside me to another, inches away at the most. Desk, chair, wall, back to desk. The thing has no fear.

I couldn’t help imagining it going “Hi! I’m your new pet! My name is Fred!”. …Which was my first mistake.

Because now I have a housefly who trusts me completely and has a name.

And how the heck am I supposed to kill that?

Domesticating A Fly by Plow Pictures via Etsy


  1. This really made me laugh! My Mom used to tell us the story of the fly that used to sit on her knee while she was pregnant with my younger brother...she named him Fred. :)

  2. Great story... he definitely must have heard about your karma project :)) xoxo


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