Inappropriate Laughter Day

Laughter is good. We should all do more of it. That’s why I've decided to declare every Thursday, “Inappropriate Laughter Day.” Why inappropriate? That’s just my way of letting you know that most of the things that make me laugh-and therefore that you will find showcased on Inappropriate Laughter Day-are completely inappropriate.
I tend to like adolescent boy humor. I particularly like jokes about farting, body hair, and genitalia.
Today’s theme is genitalia. Take the word Vagina. It’s inherently funny. I bet you already laughed, just by reading the word. Try saying it out loud publicly. See what happens. Anyone who hears you will start to giggle, “Hee, hee, she said the word Vagina!”
The word Penis, on the other hand, isn’t as laugh producing. I’m not sure why. It’s an ugly word, and perhaps that’s apt. Penises are not anywhere near as pretty as Vaginas. And they tend to do more harm than good. They probably deserve to be called something that doesn’t sound pretty.
Still, I hate saying the word Penis out loud. I usually refer to that entire region as, “Man Junk” or "Naughty Bits".
Penises can be just as funny as Vaginas, though. Here is the funniest thing I’ve found about Penises this week.

What makes you laugh inappropriately?


  1. Farts and dumps are usually the big laughs in our household. Kitt likes to find a new euphemism for his dump pretty much on a weekly basis. Drop the kids off at the pool, have a chat with the Arabs (Mustafa Sheet), lay some cable, hatch a fudge dragon, go on a bombing raid, doing a bit of logging, snap one off, oh the list is endless. His favorite fart one is 'did someone just tread on a duck?' although he also likes to categorize them. e.g. that one sounded surprised, that one sounded cross, that one sounded pleased with itself. As you can see there is nery a dull moment in our house.

  2. Em - I just about fell off my chair while reading your comment! Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. But that stick figure doesn't have any twigs n berries to hide! ;)


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