This is the tender time of summer.

Leaves are still in their infancy, dotting tree branches like confetti and letting the blue sky slip between, painting the leaves with flashes of silver where the sun hasn't already claimed them for gold. The grass is a newly minted green, each blade bright with expectation. Everywhere is the color of flowering trees and shrubs. The perfume of lilac is heavy on the air; their purple clusters just now bursting open. My street smells of lilac. Love it. 

This is also the tender time of the Garden.

Around this time last year I woke to the sounds dirt...a lot of dirt...being dropped off in my driveway. I am happy to report that no more dirt was required for this years garden. I didn't want to spend my weekend walking door to door up and down my street, willing my neighbour's to "come one, come all. Fill a wheelbarrow with dirt". I'm sure they still think we are more than a little odd after last years exploits!

Today we plated the tomatoes and corn as well as squash and pumpkins...yum! There are also a few new additions...Argula, soybeans, parsnips and broccoli.  

Garden has grown a little bigger
from last year!

Do you garden?


  1. wow, amazing garden!!!! I am so jealous. I love plants etc but am so not a gardener. It took everything out of me just to keep our trees and grass alive last year when we landscaped.....and I lost 2 trees and one shrub and considered it a success :). Loving the spring!


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