Double Trouble

Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t require a college degree (good thing cause I don't have one of those)...but somehow this morning my underpants confused me.

I take it for granted that when I grab those undergarments from my drawer that they are the right side out and that I am not already wearing a pair (granted, I was wearing a thong but that's no excuse). Then they are on – the rest of my clothes get themselves on. I feel like I have the world at my feet – my underpants are on nothing else matters…bring that bus on my friend, cause I have clean underpants on!


There I am half way through the day (insert suspense music here) when I go to the wash room and I look down...and in an instant my whole world is changed. Not only are my underpants inside out but I somehow managed to not notice that at some point before getting dressed and pulling on my, what I thought were singular underpants, I had already covered my lady parts with a thong. How could I get it so wrong? I tell myself "All I need to do is check before I put them on"...but I like to live on the edge. 

Remember, if you haven’t got your underpants the right side out as well as wearing not one one pair but two, then you risk getting hit by a bus and having the paramedics pointing fingers and laughing at you when said underpant(s) are discovered. 

Venice Pants by Armener Art via Etsy

I'm now walking around with an extra pair of underpants in my purse...classy Janet...very classy!


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