What's The Occasion?

Sitting in the corner at the top of the stairs are a set of three small tables. These could be referred to as 'occasional tables'.

My question is this: If they’re occasional tables, what are they the rest of the time? Furthermore, if I have a set of three occasional tables, should I be using them for different occasions or should I be tremendously extravagant and use them all for one big event?
I almost feel that those cute little occasional tables are not achieving their full potential; tucked away in the corner upstairs where no one can see them. Perhaps, with these furniture items being a part-time rest place for discarded items, on special occasions, they could engage in more exciting activities the rest of the time? The smallest occasional table, for example, could be a part time shelter for a homeless mongoose. The largest occasional table could be a life raft for a very small colony of dwarf rabbits ~ to be used in case they get stuck in a boat in rough weather. 
The definition for an 'occasional table' is "a table that is small enough that it does not have a very practical use. It is used mostly for decoration or display."
I think the definition should be changed to: 
An occasional table is an extraordinary piece of furniture that, when not used as a rest place for items during significant occasions, can be used to save the lives of dwarf rabbits all over the world from certain peril on the high seas.
So, next time you see an occasional table sitting somewhere, looking unused, just remember that it’s only having a rest from its regular, important jobs. It’s waiting for the moment to fulfil its potential.
Vintage Nesting Occasional Tables by ReRun Room via Etsy


  1. Cute story - totally made me smile. Now to locate some dwarf bunnies. ; )


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