A New Plan of Attack

It's been 6 months since surgery to repair my tubes and in that 6 months, I've been pregnant in 3 of the 5 months that we've been trying...yet here I sit today...my uterus empty.

It was time for a regroup.

This afternoon we had an appointment with our RE, Dr. L...he's a delightful man with years of experience who in my humble opinion, has the best collection of ties I've ever seen. Some of them have been truly epic. I have a lot of respect for someone that goes a little crazy with their clothing accessories *note to self...check out his socks next time* 

After reviewing the last 6 months he's now moved us from the infertility category into the recurrent pregnancy loss category. 

Big surprise? No. 
Disheartening? Yes.
Is there hope? I truly believe so. 

Our new plan of attack goes a little something like this...

  • Test Adam for Mycoplasma - if it comes back positive it could be the reason that we've had so many losses. If it's present (I was negative) it infects the embryo from the beginning...not good. Adam was tested today. 
  • If I don't get pregnant this cycle (today is CD14) next month Dr. L will do an Endometrial biopsy. This will be sent to pathology and could yield some answers. It will also tell us if my high progesterone (he likes over 27 to confirm ovulation, last month mine was 74) matches my lining. He explained that sometimes the level of progesterone is high in the blood but low in the endometrium and if that's the case, I would need progesterone support. This will also rough up the lining and could help an embryo to implant. 

We also understand that these recurrent losses could just be as simple as "bad eggs". We know that my AMH is low and my FSH has been creeping up and when that happens the quality of an egg is poor. If that poor quality egg gets fertilized, the embryo is abnormal and my body will reject it. 

It's a harsh reality...but it's our reality and we have to accept it. 

But with acceptance come hope and hope is what I choose to hold onto.

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  1. It sounds like you have a great starting point. Let me remind you of many woman with "bad egg" quality that have gotten pregnant. It is a number game. Hoping that you get some answers soon.

  2. I hope that your doctor figures out what is going on- and soon! I have bad FSH and AMH numbers- I'm not sure if the egg quality supplements my RE had me on helped or not, but I'm currently 9w5d pregnant through IVF....

  3. Sounds like a good meeting, more testing for more answers! I really hope this is your month Janet! I have been praying and crossing everything!

  4. Replies
    1. I'll be 38 in August. Adam just turned 36.

  5. I'm happy to hear you regrouped with your RE, and hopefully new answers will come as a result. Hang onto hope, lady!!!

  6. It sounds like a very good meeting and I like this plan. I'm hoping the best for you guys!

  7. That certainly must be hard, to be put in 'recurrent loss' category. :( But I'm glad your RE has some good next steps for you to pursue, and also some good ties. I love when doctors show a little personality like that!! Does he have any potential steps for if you do get pregnant again this month, something to implement to maybe help it stick?

  8. Sounds like you have a good plan. Will you RE be looking at other factors like blood clotting issues as well? That appeared to be one of my problems relating to RPL. I really hope this month works out for you.

  9. I'm crossing my fingers that this is your month, but I'm so glad that you have a plan if not. I'm sorry about your being bumped to the RPL category--even if expected, I'm sure it wasn't easy to hear. You have a wonderful attitude though. There *is* hope, and I'm hoping you get your sticky BFP soon!

  10. I also enjoy a good tie collection on a guy :) I'm really praying the testing will bring you some answers soon! It's always nice to have a new plan! FX

  11. As someone with bad eggs herself, I just have to keep hoping that we'll crank out one of the last remaining good ones at some point and get lucky. Having a plan is always a step in the right direction!

  12. It's hard to fall into both camps, as we do also. But I'm glad you've got a doc who seems to be covering all the bases so that you're armed with the best possible info going forward. I'm interested about the endometrial progesterone, since I also have very solid numbers (which clearly isn't helping much). Would be interested to hear updates on that.

  13. I'm surprised that your RE doesn't have you on PLO NOW. When I had my first miscarriage it was blamed on low Progesterone, and when I was pregnant with my twins it was so low I was getting two injections a day PLUS suppositories. Hopefully it will make a difference. Keep hoping!!!

  14. Information is a good thing. Even though it may seem like moving forward is accepting something harsh, I always hope moving through it will provide you with useful information to get where you want to get.

  15. of course i want this to be your month! if not, i am glad you have a plan and got some "answers" to help move forward. i think about you all the time and keep you in my prayers, lovely lady! xoxox


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