Argh Matey

Frownin' Flora Bonny - This is my pirate name. Why the pirate name? I spent some time this weekend finding my inner pirate...

This past weekend was my first Bon Echo weekend of the season and it should have been filled with hours spent climbing some rocks with new friends and was not to be. 

Apparently my left eyeball and I disagreed on what constituted a good time. My idea of a good time was hanging out with old friends, meeting of new friends and many hours spent scaling the majestic cliff that is Bon Echo.

My left eyeballs idea of a good time was to spend the day in the hut while everyone climbed, act up at 10pm Saturday night, spend the next hour with two awesome first aiders trying to soothe my eyeball, a late night cold boat ride across the lake with two of the best guys I know, an hour long drive to the hospital, the next 4 hours at the ER, an hour long ride back to Bon Echo, a cold and very early morning boat ride back across the lake...followed by a few hours of sleep and then home.

I arrived home Sunday afternoon, had a shower and Adam carted me off to the ER again. They confirmed what the Dr at the previous ER had diagnosed me with...

Scratched and ulcerated cornea with a bacterial infection. Fun eh?

I saw the eye clinic yesterday...

Adam was happy about this!

Three different antibiotics and a recheck tomorrow and we'll go from there.

I see with my GIANT pupil...

Here's to hoping that things like much improved tomorrow!

P.S. AF is is CD36 of my 29-30 day cycle. 


  1. Ouch! We both have some eyes with their own minds today! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yuck! And what a really small note at the end. Hoping it's significant!

  3. Holy pupil! That sucks! But ummm about that tiny print at the bottom!!!! Ya, that deserves its own blog post! Until then I'm Crossing my everything's!

  4. Yiiiikes...scratched and ulcerated with a bacterial infection??! How on earth??! Any idea how that happened? I hope you feel much better soon!

  5. Oh my!! Hoping your eye heals quickly. :)
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  6. Ouch! I hope it heals quickly!!

    Although, I'm envious you got to experience Bon Echo, even if it was only to take in the scenery from one eye. I'm homesick!

  7. Avast ye, hearty, a dipper of grog might set ye right, aaargh.

  8. Ughhhhh! I am SO freaked out by eye things!! Just looking at your picture of the dilated pupil made my stomach turn (not because it's gross, just because I have a weird phobia). Seriously, it took me months to learn how to use contacts. Sooo believe me when I say my heart goes out to you!!


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