(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

No one eats chocolate in tiny orgasmic bites like the women in the commercials. You shove it in your face hole as fast as you can, then cry.

Amelia Kay Photography via Etsy


  1. Yes! Hahahahaha! Like that York Peppermint Patty commercial where the girl is completely taken to a whole new world. Lol. Hope you're having a great day! Xoxox

  2. Um, yes. I've never understood those women. It's like the women who forgo chocolate all together because they are apparently under the impression that a cup of yogurt the size of a baby carrot is more than enough to fulfill their cravings. Yeah. Right.

  3. Actually...I kinda do. I have little bites and let them melt in my mouth and try to make the chocolate last forever. It drives my sister crazy! I don't make the weird orgasmic commercial faces, though.


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