(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and you think theres another step and you hulk stomp the ground.
Hallstatt Stairs by DDubPhotog via Etsy


  1. Or like me and miss the last step and fall flat on your face :)

  2. HULK STOMP!!! I just snort-laughed. Thanks.

  3. I have no depth perception, so I have been known to try and walk up and/or step down where there are no steps. Those pretty brick patterned walkways get me every time. And I Hulk stomp almost always on unfamiliar stairs. Que es la vida!

  4. Hulk Stomp...might be one of the best descriptions ever!

  5. Yep. I do this ALL of the time. Actually, sometimes I just manage to trip on flat surfaces. Awesome.

  6. LOL! Ohmygosh, Janet! I love it! I just did this last night!


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