I Want To Be A Pusher

“Oshiya, or “pusher”, is an informal Japanese term for a worker who stands on the platform of a railway station during the morning and evening rush hours, and pushes people onto the train. This video is a good example of just how crowded it gets on Japanese trains.”

Man, this job would be so awesome. It’s like it was created just for me. Imagine being able to use a taser too, or better yet, a cattle prod. Oh, dare to dream. I have to go work on my resume now. Oh, and pack for a move to Japan I suppose.

For whatever reason...I cannot stop laughing while watching this video...how did I not know that this was an actual paying job. Just seeing them stuff people onto the train has me all cracked up with the giggles!

P.S. I had a beta drawn yesterday. I'll have the results sometime today. I may or may not blog about this depending on my mood. I was going to blog about the status of my hostile uterus today but the train pushers are funnier!

Update - beta 0.2 - not pregnant...yet again.


  1. Omg that video makes me soooo claustrophobic! P.S. Ummmm please be in the mood to update!

  2. I could totally be a pusher... Especially on grumpy days. Though, perhaps most days would be grumpy if you came into contact with THAT many people! Wishing you all the best today :)

  3. Holy Crap that would send me into a full panic attack if I were a passenger! I don't do well with crowds.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is my nightmare! Why would anyone ever get on that train?!? Total freak out!

  5. I can't wait to see your pusher resume. But I'm sorry about the beta. :( Thinking of you, friend.

  6. Love the video, hate the update :( I'm sorry.

  7. You're right - video is super funny.

    Beta however is not. HUGS!


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