Home Sweet Home

It feels so good to be home. We've been gone for a week and while our accommodations were fantastic -Thank you HelRon & Godfrey - there really is nothing quite like home!

Last night I tossed and turned...all night long. For some reason I was more nervous and anxious about the embryo transfer than I was about any other part of this whole in vitro process. I was a ball of nerves when I woke up, as we drove to the clinic and when we got there. I started to cry when the nurse took us back to the OR area and really started to cry when she told us that our embryos looked great and I signed the consent. 


I am thrilled to report that at noon today we transferred two perfect Grade 1, 8 cell embryos!

All we knew going into today's appointment was that of the 8 mature eggs, all had fertilized and as of Thursday afternoon, we still had the 8. It was fantastic to hear that in addition to the 2 perfect embryos that we were going to transfer...we were able to freeze the other 6. We are thrilled and happy and could not have asked for a better outcome.

The embryo transfer was quite easy in comparison to the retrieval. My nurses and RE were amazing and we are incredibly grateful for their support and understanding.

See that white smudge near the center...those are my embryos  safely tucked in  my uterus...exactly where they should be!

Tonight I get to tuck into my own bed and it will be heavenly but what's even better than that is knowing that I have two embryos tucked away safe and sound. Tonight I'll close my eyes and dream of what could be...oh the possibilities.

Today was perfect.


  1. Congrats!!! I am thinking sticky thoughts for you and your embabies!!!!

  2. Congratulations on being PUPO!


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