Here We Go Again

Today is cycle Day 7 of Frozen Embryo Transfer #1 - hopefully our one and only FET cycle - Protocol looks a little something like this:

August 23 - Start Estrace
September 6 - Ultrasound and blood work
Sometime after the 6th - start Progesterone in oil injections & suppositories
September 12 - Embryo transfer
September 26 - Beta

Today I feel hopeful. I really do believe that good things will be coming our way and I will do my very best to think nothing but happy, hopeful and positive thoughts. Adam and I really are very lucky that we are able to try again so soon and for that I am grateful.

Think Happy Thoughts by Spring Tale Studios via Etsy

Are you "Thinking Happy Thoughts" today?


  1. Hopeful! That's a great feeling. :) I wish you all the best on this cycle.


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